Top 17 Items For The Perfect Work From Home Office

If you plan to work from home or have an online job, make sure you have the necessary office supplies on hand.

Because the right items can make your job run more smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to meet your goals. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 17 items for the perfect work from a home office.


17. Desktop Computer / Laptop

Few are the small business owners who can work from home and get their work done without a computer.

Do some research to find a computer that meets your needs, and consider purchasing a laptop if you must commute to work or frequently visit sites where customers are present.


16. Monitor

A monitor is required if you have a desktop computer, but connecting your laptop to a monitor can be physically beneficial and comfortable. If the nature of your work requires it, you can also use a dual-screen.


15. Desk

People who work from home require a space where they normally put their office, and this space can be converted into a workstation from which they can work properly. You can put a table, or a flat surface in this space to use when needed.


14. Comfortable Chair

You’ll be sitting for a long time while working in front of the computer, so get a comfortable chair. Make sure you get a comfortable chair that properly supports your posture and weight.


13. High-speed internet

A fast internet connection is essential, especially if you work in customer service (taking calls), online education, or as a virtual assistant. Slow internet may affect your output; calls may be choppy, and you may not be able to communicate smoothly with the other person.

It also causes stress because we will think negatively, such as “we won’t be able to finish our work on time.” A faster internet connection allows you to be more productive and achieve better results.


12. Proper Lighting

Lighting is also important when working from home. Why? Because poor lighting can strain your eyes and cause headaches or eye fatigue. Check for any shadows or glares in your workspace. Natural light is also more relaxing. You can also get a desk lamp if you work at night!


11. Planner or Calendar

A planner (or calendar) is undoubtedly one of the most important items for perfect work from a home office.

It is strongly advised to create a to-do list and record it in your calendar or planner.

This will help you achieve your goals faster and understand which daily tasks you should prioritize. You can use a physical one or a web tool or an app scheduler. Because this can help you be more organized and know what to do next.


10. Notebook and Pens

Keep in mind that your notebook and pens are also essential items for the perfect work from the home office.

Keep notebooks and pens on your work desk; an idea may suddenly come to your mind or additional tasks may be assigned, so you’ll need to take notes quickly. You can also write reminders and important steps in your notebook so that you don’t waste time looking for a document when the information is needed.


9. Extension Cord

Because some rooms and spaces only have a few electrical outlets, an extension cord is another essential item for the perfect work from the home office.

Most people will probably forget such important things, but you will most likely plug in a lot of things near your work area.

You’ll connect your computer or laptop, phone charger, lamp, printer, and other devices. It is preferable to have one nearby rather than wasting time looking for an electrical outlet or waiting for it to become available.


8. Security Software and Backups

Most people agree that prevention is preferable to cure. Imagine you’ve been working on a document for a long time and your laptop suddenly crashes; oh no, all your hard work is gone in an instant. Security software is also required in large corporations to protect networks, safeguard vital information, and avoid hackers.


7. Headphones with Microphone

You will need a headphone with a microphone whether you are working in a group or on your own (as a teacher). Because you’ll most likely receive calls or participate in team calls.

Earphones are not recommended because PCs and laptops have separate audio input and output. You can also listen to music privately using headphones!


6. Router

Although it is not always necessary, a router is required if you need to connect more than one computer to the Internet. If you have laptops and computers in different parts of the house, use a wireless router.


5. File Cabinet

One of the most important items for a perfect work from the home office is a file cabinet.

Remember, that there are always some paper documents that you will need to keep. The best place to keep these documents so you can find them is in a neatly arranged filing cabinet.


4. Paper shredder

The paper shredder is essential for the disposal of sensitive and confidential business-related information and documents. Also, buy a wastebasket to get rid of other junk papers.


3. Communication Tools

If you want to communicate with your teams, you’ll need the right apps or software. You can use instant messaging, video conferences, and other team collaboration tools to help you communicate more effectively and achieve your goals more quickly. Slack (messaging), Zoom (meetings), Trello (planning), and Dropbox are all options (for file sharing).


2. Printer or multi-purpose machine

Depending on the nature of your business, you may be able to get by without a printer, or if you don’t need paper in your office, but there will be many occasions when you wish you had a printer to scan photos or print papers. You can also bring a multifunctional machine that can perform all these tasks.


1. A place to keep things

Where will you keep pens, notes, papers, files, ink, business cards, and other items? Buy a cupboard or shelves to keep items you don’t primarily use in the home office.

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