The 7 Most Important Medical Treatments For Varicose & Spider Veins Without Serious Complications

4. Endothermal Ablation

Through it, the walls of the veins are burned with the aim of damaging the vein wall and shrinking the collagen layer to block the diseased veins. The procedure is performed minimally invasive, where a needle is inserted into the patient’s vein through which a fiber is inserted along the vein, and when it is taken out, the vein is burned from the inside.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia, and the patient goes home after about half an hour and can return to full activity after a short rest period of about two days.

Advantages of Endothermal Ablation treatment for varicose veins:

  • Ablation is generally thought to be safe and free of serious complications.
  • Associated with significantly less pain during recovery.

Disadvantages of Endothermal Ablation treatment for varicose veins:

  • However, there are risks, as with any surgery. Complications of venous thermal ablation may include bruising, pain, the development of a blood clot in the veins of the treated leg, and irritation of the nerves that go along with the treated veins.

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