7 Yoga Positions That Will Help You Gain Flexibility That Will Surprise You

1. Camel Pose

The camel pose allows you to stretch the front side of your body as much as possible while strengthening the backside, and the backbend is an important part of any yoga session because it reduces the effects of spending a lot of time in a position with your hips at an angle of 90 degrees, but it should be noted that this yoga pose may be difficult for beginners, so practice it slowly and carefully.

Here’s how to do this Yoga pose correctly: Begin in a kneeling position on a yoga mat with your knees and feet about hip-width apart, palms on the lower part of your back, fingers pointing downward, push your elbows together behind your back, and take a deep breath as you stretch toward the ceiling.

Then breathe out while arching your back, allowing your head to fall back as well. Stay in this position for a bit and increase your stretch by bringing your hands to the heels of your feet.

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