7 Yoga Positions That Will Help You Gain Flexibility That Will Surprise You

2. Crescent Lunge

Because the hips are partially fixed most of the time due to frequent sitting, this position helps to extend the hip, as the Crescent Lunge position works to extend the flexors of the thigh in the front part of the upper thigh and pelvis, as well as strengthen the legs and back muscles, and extending your arms above heading towards the sky adds a new level of challenge and increases shoulder strength.

Here’s how to do this Yoga pose correctly: Begin in the lower dog position, then bring your right foot forward between your hands, making sure that your right knee rests directly over your right ankle to protect the knee joint, then lean on your back foot and try to bring your left hip forward until both hips are in one line, take a deep breath, raise your torso, and extend your arms to the ceiling.

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