7 Yoga Positions That Will Help You Gain Flexibility That Will Surprise You

4. Forward Bend

The forward bend is a great yoga pose that can help relieve back pain caused by sitting in front of computer screens all day.

It’s also a perfect pose for when you don’t have a mat or a lot of room to work out, and bending forward also calms the nervous system, as it stretches the spine, stomach muscles, hamstrings, and thigh muscles and increases strength in the knees.

Here’s how to do this Yoga pose correctly: Start standing so that the feet are spaced more than the hips apart, then bend forward from the hip area, as far as the hamstrings allow you to, then keep the knees slightly bent and rest your stomach on your thighs, for a more advanced exercise you can make your legs straight and interlock your hands behind your back, this can be useful for the shoulders.

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